Coaches here is the link for you to get certified through USA FOOTBALL.  All head and assistant Coaches must be certified before first practice.


During registration, you agree to the following:

As members of NIYFL, there are guidelines and expectations that all players, coaches, parents and spectators will abide by. All aspects included within, are intended to make playing football a positive experience for the players, coaches and fans and to assist your children in becoming both better players and people. NIYFL Prides itself on proper sportsmanship and sideline behavior, help us set the example for the enjoyment of players, coaches, parents and all spectators.

1. Zero Tolerance Policy
Northeast Indiana Youth Football League has a zero tolerance policy toward abuse of referees. No comments will be directed at referees or assistant referees. This policy is in place for both home and away games. Negative comments toward officials will be dealt with seriously and may result in the offender being suspended from further games. This is your “warning”.

2. Sideline Behavior
Coaches are responsible for controlling players and conduct of parents on the sidelines and they have the authority to dismiss unruly parents/spectators on behalf of NIYFL. Referees are allowed to penalize the head coach because of unruly behavior of other coaches, and or parents. This can even result in a coach missing a future game because of incidents on the sidelines.

3. Role of NIYFL Parent
The role of the parent is important for all young athletes. Practices are very important and should always be attended by players if at all possible. Coaches need the undivided attention of players to be able to train and get their point across. Parents are welcome to attend practices, there should be plenty of places to sit and watch your player practice. We encourage parents to attend all games to support a positive atmosphere and applaud good play.

4. Laws of the Game
NIYFL follows IHSAA football rules. Although we do have some exceptions for player safety. All rules are determined by NIYFL board before season and are explained to coaches.

5. Volunteerism
NIYFL relies heavily on its volunteers. This is a great way to get to know other parents, players, and to give back to the program.  If you would like to volunteers as coach, referee, down and distance marker,or help with equipment contact Ty Conley at 260-242-4440.

6. NIYFL Player/Parent Expectations
As players and parents we demand your best behavior on and off the field. At all times that you are wearing your uniform or accompanying a player you are representing the NIYFL and yourself. We expect players and parents to respect all participants in the football world including, but not limited to, coaches, officials, players, and parents whether they are from the NIYFL or an opposing team. At all times we expect players and parents to use good common sense and exhibit sportsmanlike behavior. Any violation of these expectations will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Again, NIYFL has a zero tolerance policy for physical or verbal abuse of or by all coaches, officials, referees, players, and parents. Violation of this policy may be grounds for suspension from NIYFL.

7. Parent/Coach Interaction
Parents and coaches should keep an open line of communication. Parents should contact a coach with an issue before or after practice away from the players. Coaches should contact parents regarding issues away from players before or after practices. The best solution to any problem is communication.

Important Dates

Sign ups- NOW through July 30th

Coaches this year we are joining USA football.  There are classes you will need to take online to certify you.  You also must Register with the league's board. (Yes even if you coached in the past.)  Background checks will be performed on all head and assistant coaches.  All coaches must complete certifications.  Link provided.  Register with the board by filling out form below.  Thank you for all you do.