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First let us thank you for donating your time to improve the youth in our community. This year all of our teams will be traveling for games against local schools.  With this in mind we will be going to a one tier coaching system.  All teams within a division will practice at the same time in same place.  This allows us to train player positions more evenly. Example all lineman will be doing same drills together, ect. Each team will have separate team time to work on plays and timing.  

April 8th,15th,22nd,29th,and May 6th we will have spring training at East Noble High School. This is free to all athletes 3rd grade and above. We will be doing drills with our kids that mimic the high schools drills. this is a great opportunity to get training and show the school how strong our program really is.  Please attend if you can. 


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East Noble High School (06:12 PM | 03/22/19)

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